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So... If -you- were in Boston, what would be the first thing that you'd do? Hmmmmm?

Oh, and... YAY!!!!
So, at my office (the non-Dunder Mifflin one) we are discouraged from discussing politics on the sales floor. This is probably a pretty good rule because while as most know I'm a really very patient and relatively unflappable person, there are political things which send me into the flap of all flaps. Anyway, I went in to work on Wednesday all giddy and gleeful. And couldn't talk about it once I got there. Did in carpool, just not at the office much. So, I went over to my new desk (because I got a promotion two weeks ago - woo!) and there's a new girl (because I sit in the newbies section to edumacate them on things) who came in to start her day at work too.

She's a younger black woman. Every time I see her she's working very hard and generally has a quite serious expression on her face. But Wednesday, she was just transformed. She looked like she was four inches taller, her face was glowing, she was smiling brilliantly. It was positively beautiful.

Talking with the new folks about politics is really a no-no for obvious reasons. Particularly since I'm their boss. So, instead, I asked her how she was doing, she said that she was great. I said I was fantastic. But a little tired because I'd stayed up a little later than I should have, but I just couldn't go to bed. She said she said she was just too excited to sleep. And we shared a little secret 60-wat grin.

So, to that I say, "Go us."


Today's Adventure: The Microwave
So... in the lounge at work... there is... A Microwave.

As one can imagine, the microwave does not get cleaned with what any person associated with language would define as 'regularity'. In fact, I believe the last time it was cleaned was in January. (I was not, however, the one to do the cleaning so I can't verify that.)

Well, thismorning I wanted to heat up water for a cup of tea. Normally when I heat up water for tea, I use the electric kettle. Because the microwave is scary. But, the last three times I've done so, I've left it on to boil out all the water and run empty for lord only knows how long. So I have, for the summer, removed my electric kettle privilages. Because really, it's a cup of water! Microwave.

That brought me to the condition of the microwave. With its unknown splatterings in varioius shades of red and pink... And the large penny sized globual of food that has been there for several months and run through the wave process so many times that it had, in fact, developed super powers.

These super powers manifested themselves in the form of its hardness and tenacity. Normally, I spray something with surface cleaner, let it sit for the ten minutes it takes me to scrub the rest of the microwave, and come back and give it a good scrubbing and move on. Not so.

Four times.

I had to let the little bubble soak four times before it would come off. And when it did, it involved much chipping away as unto a fossil excavation. And I can make that comparison because I've been on excavations.

It also turned out that there was some sort of pink substance that had formed a thin surface of nearly invisible residue over the entire microwave, because when I wiped everything off it looked like I'd been cleaning up pepto.

But, now, the microwave is clean and (more importantly) I have my cup of tea.

Um... there's really no reason.

What is my Lord of the Rings Engrish Subtitle Disorder?

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Every day it's something...
o/~ Don't take... my internet away... o/~

Here's what I said to my Congressional representatives:

One of the foundations of a free society is the freedom to express ourselves and our opinions. Allowing corporations to limit the rights of individuals to even access those expressions should be criminal, not legalized.

Services that offer parental controls for those who wish to use them are a wonderful tool for families today. But adults who wish to view the opinions, expressions, and discussions of others should be free to do so in their own homes.

This is without even touching on the grave fallout that this could have in other arenas such as education, research, and art.

Please do not make it national policy to allow a corporation to determine my access to the world around me.



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TrustFlow results for ellydragon
I don't exactly know what this means... but it's interesting?

I tried out TrustFlow II for LiveJournal. The following people not on the friends list for ellydragon are close by: More results below the cut...Collapse )

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elouai's doll maker 3

Public Service Announcement
Please do not leave your backpacks lying around campus buildings unattended. This can result several things:

1) I have to call the campus PD. This means I sit on hold after they ask me if it's an emergency. Because really, it's not. So I wait and wait and wait for people with real problems to finish telling them about them.

2) The police have to come out and look for your backpack. This can be very involved because people give crap logistics. "It's outside the building" can be a lot of places.

3) People want to go home. If they blockade the parking lot for three hours while they assemble SWAT and bring in the bomb squad, they don't get to leave.

4) The cops don't want to be griped at by people who have to go pick up their kids, generally want to leave, and think that it's silly to have to call the bomb squad over a bag of lit books. Which it would be. If we didn't have to do it.

This all makes for grumpiness that is entirely unnecessary. If you're going to forget your backpack, have the courtesy to do it in class. ;P

(This is also for bumblepudding to give additional proof that I'm alive. ;P)

To proove I'm alive...
Quote of the day:

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."

Douglass Adams